“You got this”

​You feel your hands shaking, heart racing, eyes twitching, head spinning. You just want to quit because you're thinking, I've messed things up, again. Wait, honey! Just breathe. Say this to yourself, I got this I can do this I can fix this Say it over and over again till your hands steady, your heart … Continue reading “You got this”


Life or God?

​ When I go through hurdles, and Mountains, I wonder how come the obstacles on my path; are they natural features in Life's terrain or is someone deliberately making my journey difficult? Assuming there's  a Giver of Life, say God. It would be right to assume God  deliberately makes Life tedious, wouldn't it? I'm not judging, I … Continue reading Life or God?

Thank You!

Well well well, We did it. Sometime last month The God-kind hit 100 followers, it's so humbling; that over 100 pairs of eyes find my scribbles worth something. The blog initially was just a platform to express myself, as I relayed in my first post, but after the first year it became more than for … Continue reading Thank You!


​My brother once told me, for a drowning person to survive; be able to reach the surface of the water long enough to scream for help, he would have to sink to the bottom of the water first. Then with the impact of hitting the water bed spring upwards to the surface. There's a myriad of … Continue reading Eirene