Moment of Clarity

In that time, Before you wake up Between being asleep and being awake In those moments, Of trying to resolve what is from what isn't You see the events like a screen play Playing inside your eyes whose lids are still shut You see the thoughts rolling like words On a scroll unlocked The thoughts … Continue reading Moment of Clarity


Destinies and Destinations.

God is something else. There are over 7billion people on Earth, but it bothered him so much that two of of these would have similar Journeys in Life, He designed for each one a unique path. This doesn't seem like a problem, until you're Twenty-something and stuck, not knowing when the 'Ultimate plan' will kick start … Continue reading Destinies and Destinations.


It is only a feeling One I resist with everything I've got I don't hold my life dear in the face of it .................... It is a Satanic Demon I don't reason with it for a second I eradicate it by doing the exact thing it scares me from. ................. It feeds off thoughts I kick … Continue reading Fear

O Death,

Lord, I want to understand death. I want to know everything about life. I know you've given me knowledge and understanding, and you're speaking to me right now. Help me move past my pain, give me strength to suppress my pain and listen to your voice in these moments of difficulty. I am your child, … Continue reading O Death,