It is only a feeling One I resist with everything I've got I don't hold my life dear in the face of it .................... It is a Satanic Demon I don't reason with it for a second I eradicate it by doing the exact thing it scares me from. ................. It feeds off thoughts I kick … Continue reading Fear

O Death,

Lord, I want to understand death. I want to know everything about life. I know you've given me knowledge and understanding, and you're speaking to me right now. Help me move past my pain, give me strength to suppress my pain and listen to your voice in these moments of difficulty. I am your child, … Continue reading O Death,

What if

If you could see beyond your locus and you knew who you were born to be If there was an outlet for all the negative words you've heard since your birth If the World was small enough to fit into your palm such that you have power over your own universe What if all the … Continue reading What if