Courage says, I am not smart enough to know what is right Even if I knew it, I'm not strong enough to decide to do it I will be weak so that strength can shine out from within me and enable me overcome evil with good ~

Content (V)

I've gone from being needy to being clingy to being crazy In all these seasons there's one thing I've found In Christ alone do we have it ALL In Him I delight, for he makes my troubles light He cloaks me with his Love yet I do not buckle underneath His love is deep yet … Continue reading Content (V)


It is only a feeling One I resist with everything I've got I don't hold my life dear in the face of it .................... It is a Satanic Demon I don't reason with it for a second I eradicate it by doing the exact thing it scares me from. ................. It feeds off thoughts I kick … Continue reading Fear