Malaika Suleiman

​ Hey there! I'm Malaika Suleiman; Twenty-five year old Medical practitioner.  I was born in America by a white Mother and Nigerian Father, and then brought to Nigeria when I was five. So, i'm biracial; 'half-caste' as we call it. Since I  was five Iven't been back to Philadelphia, where I was born. I don't … Continue reading Malaika Suleiman

Developing Characters for my Novel: Susan Agbaje

​ I'm working on a Christian Romance Novel with the working title, 'Love, Friendship and Family'. My goal this year is to finally finish the first draft. In the first series of posts, i'll be developing my characters: presenting them one by one for critiques and comments. They'll be doing the introducing themselves and I'll … Continue reading Developing Characters for my Novel: Susan Agbaje