How do I react to the Coming Year?

Ever since I discovered that Jesus has a blue print for my life (Jeremiah 1:5) and has sworn by himself that the plans he has for me must unfold (Hebrew 6:13-18) I stopped doing anything. I don't know if i'm at peace or i'm embracing laziness. I don't stress over anything. A new year is … Continue reading How do I react to the Coming Year?


What if no one is coming?

I've always been an optimist; always hoping for the better and always believing that better days are ahead. And I'm always going to be that. However, there are areas in life, where- maybe- this rule (of being overly expectant) doesn't apply? Take Settling for example. The mantra is: don't settle for less. But how does … Continue reading What if no one is coming?

Life or God?

​ When I go through hurdles, and Mountains, I wonder how come the obstacles on my path; are they natural features in Life's terrain or is someone deliberately making my journey difficult? Assuming there's  a Giver of Life, say God. It would be right to assume God  deliberately makes Life tedious, wouldn't it? I'm not judging, I … Continue reading Life or God?

Something about Life

I've discovered something about life; we're all in it together, haha! Yeah, that's my novel discovery. The world really isn't Animal Farm where some are more equal than others. Yes, there are classes and there are people that think they're better than others, there are more favored continents- geographically and socioeconomically speaking. But eventually, we're … Continue reading Something about Life