Boyfriend Vs Jesus

He is our Savior yet we seek for a man who would be our Hero. He's our Shepherd but still we crave for a man who would take care of us. 


Project ‘Heart of Steel’

​ Last week was valentine, I wonder if the aroma/stench of love is still in the air. For me val's day has always been a date; people do romantic stuff and I try to be among the living by baking a heart shaped cake or taking myself out. Still i've never been a celebrant at … Continue reading Project ‘Heart of Steel’

My First Encounter with Cupid

For the very first time in my life, I experienced what they talk about in the myth. My heart had knitted with someone else's, two had become one. It was fascinating because I didn't plan to, it was during a time I wasn't even expecting companionship that I met my first Love. Love here not … Continue reading My First Encounter with Cupid


Trust issues

  Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; (Proverbs 3:5 NIV) This september, it's my 2nd anniversary of being single! I've decided to celebrate my single years because i've figured i'm going to be single for a while. I've exited from the dating scene , i'm going back … Continue reading Trust issues


The 0.000000000005% Man.

99% of the prince charmings and knights in shinning armors in the world wants to sleep with us (girls, ladies, women). 🙂 Of the 1% that doesn't want to sleep with you before marriage, you won't be attracted to 0.5% of them, 0.25%percent of them won't be spiritual enough. Of the remaining 0.25%, 0.05% will … Continue reading The 0.000000000005% Man.


Mechanism of Heartbreak.

Someone said he's never been heart broken because his heart's still pumping. I know he was  trying to say 'heartbreak' has nothing to do with the cardia but he's wrong. The feeling described as heartbreak involves a wrenching feeling in your chest, precisely the region where your heart is located. It doesn't go away quickly, … Continue reading Mechanism of Heartbreak.