Life Cycle

We don't always have to explain We don't always need to have the explanation We don't always need a reason Sometimes things just happen They just come, and then they go Just like they came There was nothing I did to make to make them come There's nothing anyone can do to make them stay … Continue reading Life Cycle

Life lately|| Trusting ‘the process’ || Gratitude

Beginning of this year I didn't fast. I've fasted beginning of every year for the last decade, basically all my adult life. Except this year. Why didn't I fast. I wanted to rebel and see what happens. Okay Let me give some background about this fasting 'religion'. Every end of year/ beginning of year, us … Continue reading Life lately|| Trusting ‘the process’ || Gratitude

Crazy love

Awwww, guys its been too long. But I just want to say I didn't forget y'all, I've just been going THROUGH stuff, I'm halfway through now, learning my lessons finally. The most potent of which is that God's love for us is so strong, so fiery, so fierce, so big it will bulldoze anything that … Continue reading Crazy love