Why you should Stop

Sometimes, God does nothing as long as we're busy doing something


Why I stopped Fantasizing

If you've read my post, How I stopped fantasizing, you may have wondered why I felt the need to terminate something as normal and automatic as engaging in fantasy. Fantasy, according to Merriam Webster is, an idea about doing something that is far removed from normal reality. It starts in the mind, its a mental … Continue reading Why I stopped Fantasizing

Moment of Clarity

In that time, Before you wake up Between being asleep and being awake In those moments, Of trying to resolve what is from what isn't You see the events like a screen play Playing inside your eyes whose lids are still shut You see the thoughts rolling like words On a scroll unlocked The thoughts … Continue reading Moment of Clarity


Guest Post: Traveling Light

He has designed us and knows all we need for the Seasons.


How I Stopped Fantasizing.

Well, at first, I thought, how can I expect myself to stop something that is controlled by the nervous system


Rising Early

“I spoke to you, rising up early and speaking, but you did not hear, and I called you but you did not answer.” Jeremiah 7;13 NKJV Happy New Year, Guys! It’s 2018. A fresh year, a fresh page, a fresh start. Anything is possible, if you believe and if you start early. Start something now, … Continue reading Rising Early


How do I reconcile myself to God?

The best gift at Christmas is the Gift of Salvation.

The Masculine Directive

JADJesus stands at the door of your heart, but the handle is on the inside.
Only you can let Him in.

Lots of people pray, but praying is like talking through the door, you know He’s there somewhere, but you don’t know Him personally.

Many of us are too afraid to open the door because of all the trash we are trying to hide from God.

He is not offended by you, in fact God sent Jesus to save you from your trash, not to condemn you for it!

He doesn’t want your religion. He wants your heart, trash and all.

“Jesus, I open the door of my heart to you. I submit myself to your lordship, and I gladly receive your blood poured out for me, and your body broken for me, which cleans me of all unrighteousness.
Thank you Father God that you now have no condemnation towards…

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As much as I've come to spite planning, given how my plans have all managed to fall through, there's a part of me that still wants to predict the future. That inner planner always shows up this time of the year, keeping me awake at night, designing the future. Of course I know I can't … Continue reading See More


Union with God

Hey guys I heard something recently, it's been ringing in my mind. I don't remember the exact statement, permit me to paraphrase: The most valuable thing to God is not your success, or your happiness. The most important thing to God, is your union with Him. Of course the original statement was more powerful and … Continue reading Union with God


Song Review- ‘No Fear’ by Black Violin

This is definitely one of those goose-bumps-generating musical pieces. The mind-blowing thing about it- actually thingsss- are 1. The Lyrics Be strong... Have no fear... 2. The instrumentation! About 70% of this piece is done with the violin. It's epic. You can listen here. Please share with me in the comments how much you like … Continue reading Song Review- ‘No Fear’ by Black Violin