Life Lately||Dating

Hey guys, So I've just concluded with my first real dating experience in over 5 years! I know I badly need to rephrase that opening, forgive me guys: my excuse is, I haven't written anything in the last three months. Because I have been actively dating! I actually had a real life dating experience and … Continue reading Life Lately||Dating


I remember the day I fell face down on the dusty rug in church and sobbed. I sobbed and then I went silent and I started to hear God speaking... unfortunately people around in church were getting too uncomfortable with some lady lying on the floor motionless, so they came to yank me off the … Continue reading Broken

Life Cycle

We don't always have to explain We don't always need to have the explanation We don't always need a reason Sometimes things just happen They just come, and then they go Just like they came There was nothing I did to make to make them come There's nothing anyone can do to make them stay … Continue reading Life Cycle


Courage says, I am not smart enough to know what is right Even if I knew it, I'm not strong enough to decide to do it I will be weak so that strength can shine out from within me and enable me overcome evil with good ~

How To Live

There's a difference between living and existing. Most of us think we are, but we're really not. What we're doing is balancing the ecosystem: providing CO2 for plants, and mopping up excess O2. There is a way to actually be present on Earth, such that the grass beneath your feet knows a Living being is … Continue reading How To Live

Content (V)

I've gone from being needy to being clingy to being crazy In all these seasons there's one thing I've found In Christ alone do we have it ALL In Him I delight, for he makes my troubles light He cloaks me with his Love yet I do not buckle underneath His love is deep yet … Continue reading Content (V)