How do I react to the Coming Year?

Ever since I discovered that Jesus has a blue print for my life (Jeremiah 1:5) and has sworn by himself that the plans he has for me must unfold (Hebrew 6:13-18) I stopped doing anything. I don't know if i'm at peace or i'm embracing laziness. I don't stress over anything. A new year is … Continue reading How do I react to the Coming Year?


About Me

My names are... always confusing, to people; they be like, So what's your name? and I say it, and they have this strange look on their face like I was supposed to be called something more pleasing to the ears. Oh well, my Name is Otibhor; you pronounce the ending part the way you pronounce … Continue reading About Me

Crazy love

Awwww, guys its been too long. But I just want to say I didn't forget y'all, I've just been going THROUGH stuff, I'm halfway through now, learning my lessons finally. The most potent of which is that God's love for us is so strong, so fiery, so fierce, so big it will bulldoze anything that … Continue reading Crazy love