Lord, Help me Fall in Love with you first.

I’m not even going to pretend that I have that kind of relationship with Jesus. Where He’s my lover, and I can’t wait to talk to him and our dates are everything. And he’s the one that truly delights me- spirit soul and body. I don’t have that yet.

But I’ve started to desire it. That’s a good thing because this hunger for more of Jesus, to know him like I would never know any man, will lead me exactly where I want to be. Which is a place of intimacy.

I always used to shy away from this kind of talk- Jesus being someone’s lover and stuff, my mind always went to carnal ways of being a Lover, but that’s the crux of my problem. I might be too carnal after all.

Jesus is a person,and he’s God, as well. No, he doesn’t have flesh anymore, so we cannot cuddle- but come on, why would I even think of Cuddling. Cuddling gratifies the Flesh and to be in Love with Jesus I might just have to stop thinking Flesh all the time. I might need to amplify the more important parts of my being, which are my spirit and soul. That’s where Jesus and I have common ground- the unseen world ; a vital part of who I am. I am a greater part spiritual – my body is only for housing while on Earth.

Its like a ticket to the movies or a game, its only important during the game. It is useless elsewhere and after the game. Such is the body. Its the ticket to being on Earth, and life on Earth is only an infinitesimal fragment of eternity.

I know there’s the Temptation to say, life’s too short, why not have fun while it lasts. Yeah truly, we all should. But we should take care not to have this pleasure at the expense of what matters more- Eternity. Which will be with Jesus.

Okay, there’s another temptation to wonder thus, since eternity will be with him, why shouldn’t I enjoy the little time I have with humans? And find love here too you know, eh? Well, that’s the issue. We have to come from the known to the unknown.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, whosever comes through him…

This applies to finding True Love and Mr. Right, or simply God’s choice of a spouse. They always come from God; just like this scripture affirms,

every good and perfect gift comes from God.

So. Fall in-love with Christ first. But the question is HOW does a girl fall in Love with the Almighty?

2 thoughts on “Lord, Help me Fall in Love with you first.

  1. How does a girl fall in love with the almighty? By spending time with the almighty I think 🤔. But that seems to be the challenge (or at least my challenge). Let me compare this to an human romantic relationship. Remember how when a girl really likes a guy, she wants to spend quality time with him, he is the first thing that comes to your mind in situations, you want to gist him about your day, you want to share the good with him and want him to comfort you when things are bad. Much more than wanting all this from him you also want to be all that to him. It’s like a beneficial relationship. Both are there for each other.

    I think it’s the same with desiring an intimate relationship with the almighty. We just need to prioritize our time for God, discipline our mind and choose to choose God above all things. I believe when we want a deeper level of intimacy with God he helps and strengthens us for the walk with him.

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