How To Live

There’s a difference between living and existing. Most of us think we are, but we’re really not. What we’re doing is balancing the ecosystem: providing CO2 for plants, and mopping up excess O2.

There is a way to actually be present on Earth, such that the grass beneath your feet knows a Living being is over it. It’s called, ‘Living Deliberately.’ I would use that as my title but I think there’s a need to start from the basics which is the ‘How To’ of Living,

1. How to breath:

Again, there’s a difference between gaseous exchange and breathing. Whether you’re aware of it or not respiration occurs, that doesn’t mean you’re breathing. Breathing requires participation; you should be conscious as something giving you life comes into you, you should allow it and appreciate it.

Know something, the fact that you can breath means you are valid. Are you seeking validation? Take a deep breath, there you have it.

2. How to be grateful:

Before you get depressed over what you don’t have, could you take an inventory of what you do not even recognise that you have e.g Air. Honey, it’s keeping you alive. But you don’t pay for it. And you don’t have to worry about it. But it’s the most important thing in your life. Yet, you make your entire life about that Job that you haven’t gotten, or that man. Try celebrating air, it will change your life.

4. How to smile:

If you have time, look up the mechanism of a smile. Yes, there’s the cosmetic smile and then there’s that one that comes from the soul, through the eyes and the mouth. Its that movement of muscle that disfigures your face yet manages to be the most beautiful picture in the eyes of the beholder.

I love it when I smile, I cannot recognise my face when I do, but it changes everything for me; my mood, my feel-good hormones are triggered. It’s healing. Never let anything take away your smile, darling. Life can wrestle with you and take some stuff, but never let it have your smile. One way to do that is to own it; when you own something you use it. Smile even when you don’t have teeth.

5. How to dance:

Well, all it takes is to move your body. But there’s something it does to you, even when there’s no music; it’s your way of saying ‘take that life’. It shows you’re above the situations, and/or you don’t care about the situations. Try it some time, you’re having the worse day but just move your body about; you don’t have to make sense with your movement, but keep doing it, until you realise that the mere fact that you can, is enough.


Disclaimer: These are not rules of any sort, they’re just what works for me and might work for you also. Remember to give me a shout out in the comments if they work for you too.

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  • My friend, Yemi

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