Believe in You

The past three weeks have been the most demanding weeks for me. I wanted to quit too many times- I don’t recognise this voice, but it kept telling me ‘you can do this’.

There were many little things that became difficult and as usual I wanted to panic and just quit, but this new voice kept affirming inside my head, ‘you can do this’.

I don’t know who that voice was, but every time it said those words to me, I repeated them aloud, sometimes with tears in my eyes and I continued. Every time I continued I overcame the difficulty. And the more I won, the more I believe that I could.

There were various things that tried to get me to quit on them, but everyone of them I persisted on, I overcame. I started to wonder if really it meant that I could do anything as long as I believed I could.

It made me want to take on the world. I got a voracious appetite to do. I did more than I usually did. I took on more than I usually could deal with, and every time I faced stress I told myself now, You can do this, babe. And I always did it.

Who was that voice tho? And where did it come from? How come all these years I’ve never known it. It’s so sad, Cos I’ve given up a lot in the past. If only this voice had been around all these years. Or maybe, if only I had believed it all these years.

Now that I have a relationship with this voice that pushes me to do the impossible,and now that I have proven that I can believe it, what does the future hold for us?

More than I can imagine.

The moment I proved that I could do anything I believed that I could do, I stepped into the realm of Possibilities only. I felt superhuman.

The way this thing works, I believe, is to stay calm, take a deep breath and make audible affirmations to yourself. Tell yourself who you are cos sometimes you forget. Say,

You can do this

You are strong

You are smart

You are a warrior

You are a king

You are fire

You are irresistible

You are indestructible

You are Life …

You go ahead and say it to you, until you believe it. Say it shaking, say it crying, say it when you’re weak… ( Joel 3:10 Let the weak say,”I am Strong “) Say it.

I never knew I had a low self-image till I started to address myself.

At first, I couldn’t look me in the eye and say, ” you’re beautiful” or “you’re excellent” it felt weird. But then I realised it wasn’t weird, it was a problem, I lacked a self-image.

I disregarded me. I let people regard me for me: when someone said I was beautiful then that was what I was, when they said I was intelligent, I was that. Of course sometimes they said bad things which I didn’t always agree with, but the majority of what they said were positive so I took those along with the criticism they often gave along side their complements. Basically, I was perfect-flawed in my eyes.

No one would ever love you like you could. They would never see only the best in you. The same people that call you blessed today would inevitably see a fault in you tomorrow, that’s what’s wrong with letting others give you a picture of who you are.

So. I looked into the mirror for the first time, a whole minute; I looked into my eyes and I said, you are complete.

That did it for me. I broke the bondage of seeing myself through the eyes of others and finally that voice inside me was given the permission to tell me who I was and what I could do. That voice I had silenced for so long, by amplifying the voices of friends and family instead.

The voice of the greater one living inside of me.

Make a commitment today, to Love you fiercely. It’s not being selfish. Don’t wait for anyone to do it for you, honey. No one can everrr Love you like you can. In fact they will imitate the love you have for you.

The Love and sacrifice of Christ for us is our license to price ourselves highly.



5 thoughts on “Believe in You

  1. Wow Zoe this is very inspiring. I have always seen you as a very determined, beautiful and smart woman I guess I’d tell you more often. You is beautiful and you is an amazing writer

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