He’s God like that

Too many times in my life I’ve messed up. I’ve thought I was done for and there was no coming out of the mess. But in a twinkling of an eye everything had fallen into place and taken shape much to my astonishment.

I’m like, how did this happen. Other times, things are going on and none of it makes sense, I’m beseeching God with the questions, why? When? How? Until I conclude it’s probably never going to happen for me; I’m never going to get what I desire, I’m never going to be happy, but then all of a sudden, baam! it happens. In a way I never expected, in a form I could never have imagined. And then I see the pieces all fit in a puzzle; He’s been working from the start; it all makes sense.

But then I wonder how he does it. How he brings light out of darkness. How he makes all things new.

That’s God. He not only has the blueprint for everything, he is the blueprint.

God doesn’t merely know what happens next; as per knowing the end from the beginning, He decides the end. No matter what the beginning is like, there isn’t just merely a programmed end with God, No that’s too easy- he manufactures the end.

God always makes everything work out for our good because we’re his Love’ Children. Knowing this should give us the confidence to go through trials and temptations, and have peace even when we can’t see the way.

No matter how twisted, or messed up or dark things get, when it is time God’s ‘end’ shows up and it always has the same effect of completely mesmerizing; it’s always beyond imagination, its always defy prediction. That is why he is God.

Just hold on a little while longer, every pain you go through, every tear you shed, is not unnoticed.

God is working something beautiful out from all our experiences.



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