Why you should Stop

I’m sitting in the Library right now battling sleep, and in my Earplugs is resonating the words of Travis Greene, “I will be still, cos you are with me.

For some days, I’ve been in a mental place where it’s as though I’m separated from my body and I’m watching ‘me’ being busy, doing so much, and I (out of my body) am tapping my body and saying, “Stop.” “Wait.” “Listen.”

Today, in Travis’ song, the words again came alive in my ears, ” Be still.”

I argue that I’m a quiet person. I have to argue this because most times I’m not quiet; my mouth is moving faster than I am, my legs are taking me places and I’m doing more than I want to be doing, meanwhile, deep down inside me I know someone is yelling for me to stop.

To stop long enough to hear. To hear what God is saying, because my gosh, He is speaking. It’s amazing what I hear those days I wake up 5:00AM to pray. I constantly wish the 24 hours in a day were all like 5:00AM.

There’s so much to hear. God be speaking about your situation, and showing you your future. You (your inner man) be prophesying. Things are welling up from inside you.

Stop, as an act of humility. God wants us to stop long enough to know that He is God. Not us. Not our IQ. We’re not boss. Sometimes, God does nothing as long as we’re busy doing something. He just waits for us to finish. So that He can step in and show us that we have the whole World! But we too busy being smart trying to figure life out and make something of our lives we don’t see this.

Stop, in absolute surrender. You know how you reach that point in your life when you hands up, and be like , God I give up; It’s your way now or I die. Nothing moves God like a self-less act of surrender and absolute reliance. And usually all it takes is to just stop. Stop everything, the planning, the doing, the damn thinking, just stop.

I’m still discovering ‘The Art of Being Still’, but I promise you I will master it. I will get to that point when I can turn off The World long enough to tap into divinity resident inside me.

Stop, as an act of Faith. Trust me when I say a carnal man cannot practice being still, because he’s thinking like a human being. And humans have to be active, they thrive on motion… Moving forward; ever moving never arriving. We’ve all being moving forward for centuries now and we’ve never arrived. Do you see the problem? We don’t know where we’re going, for a start, and then even when we’re not supposed to be moving, the animal in us makes us continue in a procession towards more mediocrity. I don’t like to sound this political, but lately my eyes have opened to see the problems in our World, there’s a stirring in me for change. But I digress.

In all this madness, it takes faith to stand; not being tossed here and there. It takes strong Faith to stop, just because you want to listen to God.

Stop for all the reasons I have given, and stop because you hear your spirit crying out from within you; and you want to pick what it is saying.

Or simply Stop just because you can.


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