Why I stopped Fantasizing

If you’ve read my post, How I stopped fantasizing, you may have wondered why I felt the need to terminate something as normal and automatic as engaging in fantasy.

Fantasy, according to Merriam Webster is,

an idea about doing something that is far removed from normal reality.

It starts in the mind, its a mental activity; it stems from the mind.

The Bible says,

Now be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans. 12:2

This means there has to be a difference between the unregenerate mind and the renewed mind. There has to be uniqueness to the Mind that the Word of God works on. The thought processes and imaginations of The renewed mind has to be different from that of the reprobate.

Knowledge of all these helped me realise that it wasn’t normal for a Child of God to still have sexual fantasies. Now, I know how I sound, I also know that it’s not a sin to fantasize because God gave us the ability to do so. Howbeit, God gave us the ability to copulate i.e have sex, but does it mean we should jump on everyone of the opposite sex? God gave us the ability to imagine, the fall of Adam and entrance of Sin is what turned this privilege into something far from God’s intentions. Fantasy is a form of Idolatry; it’s gratifying the flesh, soothing the earthly desires of the flesh; finding a way to get the pleasure you crave.

For example, I meet a guy and I’m attracted to him, but I can’t jump on him and copulate, so I zone into my head space and imagine we’re married and have seven kids.

You may say, but I can control my imaginations; I only imagine the moral things, well I can’t. I’m being honest to myself. Good for you if you have a grip on your fantasies as a christian, but remember,

it is better to cut out your tongue if there’s a possibility it will take you to hell, gorge out your eyes if it will cause you to sin. Matt. 18:9, Matt. 5:29-30

So if some days you just can’t control where your fantasies lead, it might be time to kiss the redundant habit goodbye. And if you’re wondering how you could possibly do that, remember this scripture,

Nothing can separate you from the Love of Christ, not height, no depth, not trials not tribulations… Romans 8:39

The habit of fantasy is threatening to tear you away from Christ, because He wants your attention 100%, he doesn’t want His Words to struggle for space in your mind because it’s crowded with thoughts of a naked man. Even its thoughts of a well clothed man, he doesn’t want anything else to take so much of your attention. It dampens the effectiveness of the Word in you. We as Christians are not Called, to remain emotional beings. Quit being an Emotional Being. Be a regenerated Man, Be a consummate Man; move past seeking mental pleasures or asylum,

Rest in His Love.

This means, be satisfied with God. Nothing wrong with having a Love-life or becoming attracted to the opposite sex, just don’t let this experiences take over your mind. For so many reasons, don’t.

Live in the present, Always. Have a full Life, with no room for wistful thinking.


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