Guest Post: Traveling Light

Travelling light means travelling with less luggage. I’m one person who doesn’t know how to travel light. When preparing to travel I always pack extra just to ensure I’m super comfortable and in the process I forget to pack some basic things that are very important. Most of my journeys end up being stressfull and less fun just because I have to carry the heavy luggage and two extra bags most of the time which can be very uncomfortable.

I see a new year as the beginning of a journey‎, we don’t know what to expect and like me who usually wants to pack all the things I think would make me comfortable, a lot of people carry a lot of junk from the previous year thinking, just incase it rains I want to be prepared for the rain and I want to be prepared for winter too and also summer, but we all know the seasons don’t come at the same time.

Some travellers form walls in their heart, they have been hurt severally and don’t want to take chances this new year so they travel with a lot of walls, the weight of the bricks is so heavy that they certainly don’t travel comfortably.

The question is if we can travel light why do we decide to travel with excess luggage most of the time?

I love my comfort zone and I like to be totally independent so I want to pack everything I think I would need sadly it’s just what I think I need not what God thinks I need.

Interestingly, the manufacturer (God) who created us knows all we need hence I’m sure he giggles when he sees us packing excess luggage.

Seeking him is the best way to travel light.

I know the rain would fall, storms would come, my strength would fail me sometimes, but I choose life and I choose to seek God because only him can really help me travel light.

He has designed us and knows all we need for the Seasons. Hence, I suggest we just pack the necessary things we need for the journey believing the manufacturer would cover us when it rains.


Guest Blogger: Ojo Rukkevwe is a student who Loves to write about her Faith. Check out her previous Guest Post, ‘The First Time’ on the Guest Series, ‘Spiritual Journeys’.


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