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As much as I’ve come to spite planning, given how my plans have all managed to fall through, there’s a part of me that still wants to predict the future. That inner planner always shows up this time of the year, keeping me awake at night, designing the future.

Of course I know I can’t design my own future. Or can I? Practically Yes, I can.

The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing.

~ Pastor Chris

We operate in a system of, what you see is what you get. Yes, plans don’t always work out, dreams don’t always come through… don’t let these stop your imagination, because the life we’re living today is the one we created in the past, accidentally or deliberately.

Using your imagination may sound shallow, like Disney, but there exist extraordinary power in our minds such that every vision we create stands the risk of manifesting in the physical.

That’s why we should pay attention to our mental eyes this period, because knowingly or unknowingly we are imagining 2018. And those fragments of pictures in our minds today will appear in 2018.

See strong.

Strengthen the eyes of your mind. Rather than let pictures of the coming year float in and out of your mind, select the pictures, create the type you desire and stay on them. See yourself driving that car, living in that house, with that job, person or bank figures. See it everyday, everywhere.

See more.

As far as your eyes can see…

Don’t cheat yourself by being discrete or modest in the way you see. See like Abraham who saw the whole World. Broaden your vision, because everything you’re bold enough to see, you’re qualified to experience.



3 thoughts on “See More

  1. 2018 in view.
    Our mental pictures are very important, so they must definitely be guided. We should watch what we look at, listen to, watch in t.v. and what people do because all these would shape our thoughts.
    6 days to Christmas..Happy holiday!!!
    Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance!!!

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