Spiritual Journeys: ‘The First Time’ By Ojo Rukkevwe.

How can I tell them of the first time,

I thought that I knew you and walked with you, 

Everything remained the same till the first time.

~Jill shannon~

The lyrics of this song reminds me of the first time I met the Holy spirit in his glory and splendor. Sadly, I sent him away.

What is it like the first time we meet The Holy Spirit? How do we handle it, do we send him away, would he come back again, do we create a lasting first impression?

The holy spirit is a friend, the one that sticks closer than a brother, he walks and counsels in love, he teaches, scolds but calls us friend still. He is the priceless gift given to us. Words are not enough to describe the bond and friendship we could have with him. He comes in Glory and Splendor. Most times he sweeps us off our feet; some of us cannot stand him when he comes because of his glory and power.

The first time I met him, I wasn’t even prepared for it, neither did I ask for it. It was my first year in the Higher Institution and my first exam, I sat in the front seat just so   I would be alone and free from those who had planned to partake in exam malpractice. Anxious and not knowing what to expect, I sat calmly, calm I would say again because I had a calm spirit that morning which was very unlike me. The exam commenced and that was when he (the Holy Spirit) came to me, I’m sure he had been seating beside me probably responsible for the calm spirit that overwhelmed me that day, he sat by me and selected the questions he knew I could answer better, sometimes we argued, but in his calmness he reminded me of what I had read. There was the issue of arranging my write ups appropriately in ways that were presentable, he was there to guide me on that aspect, and in less than the stipulated time, I finished. He kept coming to me in exam halls until I was done with my exams for that semester. I must add, I had serious encounters and revelations all through the period of the exams. When my results came out, my grades were incredibly high.

Sadly that was the last time he came in that manner. I kept a space for him, always took the front seat expecting him to come but he never came in that manner and it still makes me sad when I think about it. 

I must say that, the first time he came I wasn’t prepared, I was still a baby Christian deeply rooted in religion and for that reason,I could not handle it. I became proud, I withdrew even further from my coursemates because I felt I was too good, above all I felt I earned my achievements. That was how I sent him away. 

The spirit won’t stay in a place of pride. Humility and love is key. If only I had known, I would have cherished the experience and nurtured it with love.

I’m not sharing this story just to boast about that encounter, the very first one I had with the person of the Holy Spirit, I want us to understand that, when we seek and ask for Jesus to take over sometimes, when we crave for intimacy sometimes, we don’t even have an idea what we ask for and when he comes most of the time we cannot handle it. 

However, i’m thankful for The first time, it was awesome and over the years it has kept me awake.

Ojo Rukkevwe


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Journeys: ‘The First Time’ By Ojo Rukkevwe.

  1. This is very apt!
    Good read!

    Meeting the Holy Ghost for the first time, for me, was such a pleasant experience and that experience gave me and still gives me the assurance that He is ALWAYS by my side.
    When I first met the Holy Ghost, I din’t even know that I had met Him until a year later.The experience of Him came as an in-filling of the Holy Ghost but I din’t know Him personally as my paddy. I Just knew I asked for Him and God sent Him to me. My relationship began with Him a year later. It’s awesome!

    It was a nice read girl !!!
    Thanks for sharing !!!

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