Love Life… Love God

Sometimes, strike that- everytime! We should take a chill pill and just let out that beautiful sound from our lungs called laughter.

I’m not sure if I was in dream state or I was conscious, few days ago somewhere in my frantic search for peace during one of those hard days, I’m sure I heard in my Spirit, a gentle whisper, Love Life… followed after a few breaths by, Love God.  I’m still not sure when or where I heard the statement, but that night it kept resounding in my mind.

It was like, I’d been searching for answers, in metaphorical Egyptian caves and in those tombs I found the one scroll that had the answer, only it said, Live a Little.

Its intriguing to discover how that God cares about the quality of our Lives. He created the Heavens and the Earth, and we’re told Heaven is our Home, its perfect, we’re going to spend eternity there, but God says, hey, enjoy Life on Earth. While it lasts.

Too often we are submerged within our God given Purpose, Ministry, we can’t hear God screaming, Child, I want you to have fun too: I didn’t give you the ability to laugh for nothing.

Maybe, just maybe, Life isn’t as complicated,messed up, faulty, as we think it is. Maybe it’s our perspective of and attitude towards it that is broken.

God does want us Happy; He is not a Tyrant King, He does not delight in suffering, sings Amanda Cook. He  never gives us more than we can bear. Yes Life is tough, but we have a God and He is good.

Loving God is Loving Life, guys. Find a way to make peace with what you have, it is enough. It’s enough to keep sunshine in your World. Yes you can have more, you will have more, but Today, what you have is enough. Celebrate it.



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