Sometimes you Love… Sometimes you trust

 I’m usually a power house of ambitions, zeal,electricity. A motor of dreams.I knew a whole lot of things, had answers; nothing could ellude my mind. Today, I don’t even know what date it is and I don’t have the energy to think.

It’s the seasons. There is the time for everything. There is the time to burn, with passion, with hopes, with elixir. 

And then there’s the time to wait. 

Stay put and Look, even if you can’t see.

In these times I don’t know or have much, so I value whatever is left. Thankfully hardship left me some scraps. She left me my ability to feel.  Hell yeah I feel. I feel the mocking eyes, I feel the hurtful words, I feel the rejection, and I feel my hopes ebbing. Like a blind man and his senses. 

She didn’t take away my ability to Trust either (I wonder if She couldn’t.)

When I had everything I had a better plan than God’s, now all I have left are God’s promises of unfailing Love and a beautiful future, I hang on to these like a man falling off a cliff grasping at branches.

I may not have fire in my eyes anymore,  but there’s something different and more powerful i’ve found. It is a relentless Trust in Jesus. 

And that right there, is the beauty in hardship.



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