Life or God?

When I go through hurdles, and Mountains, I wonder how come the obstacles on my path; are they natural features in Life’s terrain or is someone deliberately making my journey difficult?
Assuming there’s  a Giver of Life, say God. It would be right to assume God  deliberately makes Life tedious, wouldn’t it? I’m not judging, I just want to be sure of what/who exactly is responsible for the roughening and toughening we Lifers are subjected to. 

Is it Life or It’s creator?

If it was Life bringing us hardship it would mean Life was potent. That Life wasn’t just a phenomenon that it was a Form, to which all that is living depended. Therefore Life would be Supreme and self-existent, self-sufficient. Such that there wouldn’t be a ‘Giver of Life’.

It would mean we were at the mercy of Life; it sustained us, decided our fates. It would be called The Universe; that holds everything. And then God would no longer exist.

So you see, is it Life or God?

If it were God that tests us with trials and hardships, being our Creator, it would mean He gave us the design/ability to overcome, otherwise what pleasure would it give an Artist to see his works fail? It would mean we were capable of much more and He was pushing us so that we reached our highest capacities.

No more would we shake our heads with sorrow and say, What kind of Life is this. We would try again. We wouldn’t accept defeat because we knew as opposed to being stuck in a Life that sucks we were Master Pieces discovering our innate excellencies.

Which is it, Life or God?


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