​My brother once told me, for a drowning person to survive; be able to reach the surface of the water long enough to scream for help, he would have to sink to the bottom of the water first. Then with the impact of hitting the water bed spring upwards to the surface.

There’s a myriad of lessons to learn from that. My favorite is, to rise one must fall. 

A few days back I honestly thought I had gone psychotic because I was overwhelmed with trouble. I was at the verge of skidding off sanity when out of the blue came mastery over the chaos.

I’ve always been fascinated about the Eirene phenomenon, that is, the calmness in the eye of the storm. Of   all places for peace to reside, it chose the midst of a hurricane.

Hurricane Irene

When life becomes an utter chaos, its not time to quit. Even when every hope is lost. You don’t find an Eirene in every storm, it’s only in the worse of the worse. But it exists. Within.

We’re capable of more than we can imagine, we should never give in to defeat just because things became worse. There’s always peace, somewhere within us. We can tap into it and overcome any difficulty.

If your life has hit rock bottom, rejoice because the only way left is upwards.


Photo credit: livescience.com


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