Are You Really Single?

This time last year I decided to mark the second Anniversary of what I thought was singleness. I’ve discovered not only isn’t it my 3rd Anniversary but i’ve never ever been truly single.

I always thought singleness was being off romantic relationship; those periods between dating when there happens to be no official romance going on, but there’s lust, fantasies and attractions. I would stalk my crushes and sometimes my ex, I would cry over the broken relationship and indulge in break-up rebound activities, this would go on for years with marked Anniversaries of singleness . Smh.
I’ve happened on the truths of Singleness, which I would love to share for our enlightenment:

  1. Singleness is physical, as well as Mental and Spiritual: It’s as it implies – to be alone, one, whole, separate, unattached. You can’t claim singleness when you fantasize about Prince Charming or when you’re off and on with your ex.
  2. While singleness is separation, it is also Communion with Jesus: That’s the beauty in it. One doesn’t have any romantic affiliation Physically and Mentally, but Spiritually there’s this rich fellowship and dependency on Christ. 
  3. Singleness is a compulsory phase of finding a spouse: God designed marriage, He also designed Singleness as the preparation for marriage. A single individual knows Marriage follows but doesn’t let it overwhelm, instead focuses on  The One who knows every one by name.
  4. Singleness is wholeness: Two halves don’t make one in divine Math. God doesn’t bring two incomplete individuals together.
  5. Singleness will bring to light the truth there is on Love, Intimacy and Marriage:  Realities one does not unravel by dating experience.
  6. Singleness is the only way to ever find the right Man. For Christians, it is the compulsory way to enter Marriage. But aside from finding the right Man,
  7. Singleness redefines a Human Being! If you’ve always wanted to be on a Journey to self-discovery, Singleness is a sure way and its healthy.
  8. All it takes is commitment: a pledge to dedicate your Spirit, Soul and Body to Jesus. Sounds like serious business, and it is, but be sure you will come out fine as Gold.

So Ladies and Gents, if we chose to be single let’s do it the right way so we get the best out of these golden days.

Are you single? What tips do you have to add to the list?


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