Spiritual Journeys: ‘Realisations’ by Olatunji Nifemi.

You know how that having knowledge about something totally influences your character towards things in general…

As a student of University of Ibadan I was as innocent as far as innocence was concerned.  In my first year as an undergraduate I REALISED that I was on my own and I had to do things on my own, this was greatly influenced by my roommates who were exposed to everything and anything. I learnt a few things off them; I had conversations that raised my curiosity which led to certain  decisions some which I regret and some which I am grateful for. Spiritually, I was just there; wasn’t even sure of my salvation judging by my Luke-warmness towards the things of God.  I was yet to be taught that The Word is the yardstick for knowing whether a man is saved, and not by how a man feels.
I moved to the next level and I REALISED  a few more things, my steps  were ordered. As much as the environment made me think of myself as a pretty face, I realised there was much more. This was further elaborated by a Christian meeting I attended which was bam! Like literally explosive. That was the day I got to speak in Tongues. I started having changes for good!

About the Holy Spirit, 1 Corinthians 12 is dedicated for Spiritual gifts. It is what it is, a ‘gift’, not based on our effort but on our Father’s love for us- though the results are wholly dependent on the Believer’s desire. When I got filled I was ignorant of these; I thought I was part of a chosen few! I loved the feeling of been a chosen one and I feared it, because of the responsibilities I knew it comes with.

In my third year, my roommate (an awesome  lady) started asking me a lot about how I got filled with the Holy Spirit, but I REALISED I didn’t know The Word which confirms that, “The only knowledge you can share is the one you’ve acquired.” Only if I had studied or been taught Mark 16:15-17 and 1 Corinthians 14:2 then, I would’ve gotten her filled. I REALISED  there was a thirst for more knowledge, I tried to satisfy my hunger by feeding on materials, the likes of Kenneth Haggin, Joyce Meyer, Kathryn Kuhlman and on and on. At that point my family members and friends started to notice the changes.
Then the greatest deal breaker came in 400 level (my final year). Romans 8:14 tells us how that as Believers we are always Led; we don’t pray to be led we only pray to find out what God is leading us for. I REALISED that I am led by the Holy Spirit, through the Words of my best friend; she had attended a Bible study meeting where she was taught on the Holy Spirit -There’s a difference between being taught and having an intuition. I was enthusiastic about my new knowledge, I followed her to one of such Church meetings,  Oh! Oh! I was blown away. The topic that day was, ‘Christ  Realities’.

I am forever Grateful for Pastor  Olusegun Onayinka for his labor of Love, because of him I can properly Study the word, talk about various Biblical subjects and confidently teach what I know.

To summarise,


  1. A believer has the duty of Learning Gods word from a Teacher which can then enhance personal study.
  2. Do not despise instructions from your friends, sometimes that’s how the Holy Spirit moves.
  3. Be firm. There are distractions out there.
  4. Never stop Learning. When there’s a thirst to know, STUDY, when there isn’t,  STUDY still. It keeps a believer on track. (There are series of helpful Teachings on livingwordmedia.org).
  5. Spiritual gifts are in us all. The results we get are dependent on how much we DESIRE to use the gifts.
  6. There are training Periods in Life. (I particularly had mine during NYSC where I met the founder of this blog…)
  7. Surround yourself with like minds. It helps keep you focused. (…I’m glad she was my neighbor, I would watch her study and pray daily, such motivation!)
  8. Never take your mind off serving Christ.
  9. Be you! A new creature that you are.
  10. The same way  someone reached out to you, reach out to others.

    Guest Blogger: Olatunji Nifemi


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