Gratitude + Easter

There’re things I’ve yearned for for the greater part of my life, things without which I seemingly  cannot move forward, hence my worries, anxieties, frustration and sheer lunacy.

Howbeit, whenever-for split seconds- I focus on saying, Lord I’m grateful, I never can contain my tears. It’s such a miraculous experience: every problem disappears. Those troubles that weigh me down even physically just lift off.

I’ve not done this gratitude exercise long enough, I only caught a glimpse -in one of my most confused states- of what it can do, and I want to make it my lifestyle. 

This Easter is the perfect time to start replacing anxieties, worries and discontentment with the simple but effective Gratitude. What Christ did for us is enough even if He were never to do more. Don’t let what you don’t have pollute your heart so much you cannot enjoy what you do have.

Worries never solved anything, why not make a change to think only Thankful, Grateful thoughts. Why not practice saying, Jesus, you have done more than enough. You didn’t have to, I didn’t ask, but you saved me anyways. 

Life is too short and too beautiful to neglect gratitude. 

If you’re choked up with life’s presents, you feel pushed to the wall and boxed in: you do not know what else you can do, it’s time. It’s time to yield to gratitude, drop all the hussle and be still. Thank God for the journey so far, for the good moments, the people, the things.Even if you don’t have any of these, be grateful for Jesus Christ. He did it all for us.

He gave what we could never have asked for, our worries could never have brought us, our hard work could never have earned us. He saved us from destruction and purchased this life we now live with His precious blood.



2 thoughts on “Gratitude + Easter

  1. Alleluyah!!!
    He did it all for us.
    Lesson learned: Thank God for your blessings more than you complain about your challenges.

    Thank God for every single thing because gratitude is an application for more.
    Glory to God

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