Everything already is perfect

I’ve been guilthy of being futuristic: waiting for that ‘one day’ to be happy. Expecting someday everything will look up and be fine. While that is true; things eventually comes around, there’s the truth:

Everything already is perfect, we’re only going to learn enough to recognise the Beauty in all the mess. 

Christ designed this life He gifted us with. It’s not called The Good life for nothing, it is loaded with goodies; love, Joy, Peace, wealth, Happiness, you name it. It’s the Perfect life. Why would the son of God  pay with His blood to purchase a chaotic Life? I’ve stopped to ponder on this.

Life is beautiful, it is for us to enjoy and derive the Happiness we truly desire. We don’t have to wait anymore- News flash! Life is not about becoming or achieving, it is for Discovering. Our kind of Life (The God -kind) is a complete package, it has everything we need. I mean everything. We actually don’t have to struggle to get anything- If only we can grasp with our minds this truth. He already put all we could ever need or want in this gift package called Life.

He brought you from oblivion to existence, did you ask Him for that? You didn’t exist, He formed you- chose you to come to Life. Stop and wonder, why would anyone do such? Why did He ( maker of the universe) do such? It definitely wasn’t for fun, to watch you suffer like The Hunger Games- He wouldn’t need to spend the precious blood of His son for that. It has to have been planned. Your life has to have been planned, hence! Perfect.

If we know Today, that there exists beauty even in the chaos, we can save ourselves having to wait for the future to be happy, and be happy right now. 



2 thoughts on “Everything already is perfect

  1. Oh yes, it’s God’s will, not yours, not your friends, not your parents but God’s will. It’s better to follow His will for you than to chase after your own will, no matter how much you like your will. Afterall, He’s your creator.
    You din’t ask Him to create you neither did you ask Him to shed His son’s blood for you but he did because He has a plan and because He loves you. Think about it, every single person(either aborted or birthed normally) has a purpose on earth.
    Let’s all just live in the divine nature of God without trying to fix in our will because he alone knows why he made you and what the best thing for you is because His plans for us are of good and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future. Some versions say “to give you an expected end”.
    Glory to God!!!!

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