March Favorites revamped!

Hey Theree! 

Usually my monthly favorites post is a list of favorite scriptures, blogs, quotes, and photos I found through the month, but this March I’m switching things up a bit. I’m gonna just share what happened in march from memory, yeah? Interested?

I did have a list of favorite scriptures which included Ephesians 1:10 NKJV and Ephesians 2:29 NKJV as well. I studied the books of Kings,  Ephesians and Colosians in March. Kings was like reading history of Kings in Israel and Judah, would’ve been boring but for occasional acts of God and some crazy kings.

I discovered some really sensational music, in the list was this guy band Unbroken, my favorite song from them was ‘Call it grace’

Some may call it foolish and impossible

But for everyone it rescues its a miracle

Its nothing less than scandalous, the blood that Jesus shed

Call it what it is

Call it grace.

So deep, and the acoustics was out of this World. I replayed that song about 20 times this March, it was so healing. I also listened to ‘The sound‘ by Eric Arubayi,

Can you hear me now

Can you hear the sound

Sound of a heart that’s so grateful

You’ve been so faithful

The video was so real, It hit straight inside my heart. To think the man that composed and sang that song is no more on Earth makes the song all the more meaningful. 

I listened to Adele on vevo some lonely nights in March, Lol. I love ‘Send my Love (to your new lover)’

Send my Love to your new lover

Make sure you treat her better

The video was glorious, Adele’s accent and vocal twists just made me listen to the music repeatedly. 

As for blogs, two hit home for me, and They were absolutely my favorite sites to discover in March, their authors are both Ladies, both inspiring, both grateful. Praagna shared about quitting social media which was like having someone articulate my thoughts for me. Also, guess what! I made a friend through WordPress! How exciting! She blogs at, she’s so cool, funny, and beautiful. We’ve sorta been dating for some days now, Lol.

March was wonderful, guys. Thanks to Jesus!


What was your favorite anything in March?


4 thoughts on “March Favorites revamped!

  1. You were one of my favourite March experiences. You are seriously giving me that book inspiration sha. Much love to my new found friend,Otibhor.

    Well, I also fell in love with the songs
    1. “Doh, doh, doh, oghene doh”
    2. “Onise Iyanu, you are the God of wonders, I have tasted of your power. Onise Iyanu, you have shown me so much mercy, much more than I deserve”………….
    3. Way Maker.
    4. Great are you Lord.

    I also laid my hand on keyboard/piano last month.

    My favourite scriptures for March were Matthew 14:22-33, Proverbs 3:5, Jeremiah 32:27, Ecclesiates 7:8 and the numerous scriptures God and Jesus told us not to fear.
    Then lent, lent, lent………. Lent began on March 1st with Ash Wednesday, it was a day of spiritual rejuvenation and a call to holiness.

    At lastly, before the month ended, I met this wonderful person on wordpress. Madam, you know yourself πŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜š. You’ve really been a lovely person and I appreciate God for bringing you my way.
    So, that’s it for March!!!.

    I give God great thanks for March and I thank God even greater because April will be better and much more beautiful than the past 3 months of the year for: us, our family and friends, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. AMEN!!!

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