Aliens to darkness

People make it seem like innocence is deprivation, that those who are believers in Christ have the shorter end of the stick.

In my life’s walk so far, I’ve identified so much with Christ that when I find myself in ‘the World’; among people of different or no faith, i’m a JJC (novice). It would seem that my Faith has separated me; from people, relationships, gorgeous men! They get to know me and they be like, whaaat! she clueless, mehn, or they just shake their head and walk away. It would seem like i’ve been deprived of ‘World basics’; what every ‘Worldling’ should know.

I hung with colleagues once and a question popped up, what was the worst thing you did when you were in The World? Yeah, I should know that one, I thought. Lo and behold, I started to rack my brain. Eventually, I just said, well, its so bad, I try not to say it anymore. But in reality I had no dark stories from my past. I didn’t want to make them think I was a Saint and they were not. Ofcourse I had history with sin, but it would just be stories of stealing meat from my mother’s pot, lying and disobedience, my colleagues wouldn’t have taken me seriously if I said all those. 

Bible says, The dark places of the Earth are filled with habitations of cruelty. Those ‘dark places’ are not some hidden places far far away, they’re amongst us, they’re our neighbourhoods, its inhabitants are our colleagues and acquaintances. But what separates us? What makes us alien to darkness? Its our Fear of God. It makes us shrink back from evil. 
Fear of God as in Godly reverence, Loyalty, Trust and submission. It’s like having a parent you Love and knows loves you back, you would never want to dissapoint them; you’d always want them to be pleased with and proud of you. We, as Believers in Jesus Christ and partakers of Faith have a nature that abhors evil. We’re sons and daugters of Light needless to say. How about we stop trying to know what’s up. It’s proper that we’re virgins from alcohol, sex, murder, drugs and the likes; we shouldn’t know all the profane words or their meanings. We should have no apologies for being innocent or naive as they’d put it, it (our purity) is our pride, just like ‘death’ is to the pervert.

Light remains alien to darkness remember, even when it reaches in to pull out souls from darkness.​



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