Malaika Suleiman

Hey there! I’m Malaika Suleiman; Twenty-five year old Medical practitioner. 
I was born in America by a white Mother and Nigerian Father, and then brought to Nigeria when I was five. So, i’m biracial; ‘half-caste’ as we call it. Since I  was five Iven’t been back to Philadelphia, where I was born. I don’t know anyone there or from there, that goes to say I’m full fledged Nigerian by now.

I live in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. I spent my late Childhood partly in Badagry, Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I consider myself an orphan since my Mum passed away when I was five and I don’t know where my dad is; he’s alive, but I’ve severed any contact with him. The only blood family I regard are my grand folks in PH.

I schooled all over Nigeria, Primary, here in Lagos, Secondary, in the North, Kaduna. University was in the South, University of Port Harcourt where I first studied Biology, and later University of Lagos Medical School.

If you see a grey-eyed, curly haired, caramel skinned, five feet tall, perky woman in Lagos, she might just be me. If she’s wearing trendy clothes to suit her curvaceous body, and she’s getting into a grey BMW, within Ikeja, she’s definitely me.

I’m outgoing; talkative, loud, bold, fun-loving but emotionally sensitive. I have red zones my friends know not to cross. I can’t handle emotional situations, I always chicken out, hence I don’t do      romantic relationships. I date, but just for the fun of it. As a  teenager my Dad took me to a therapist, he thought I was bipolar  but i’m not. I know my issue, it isn’t bipolar disorder. What I suffer from is collateral damages from a dysfunctional childhood, but I get by ☺. We’re all crazy, its just that some people’s require them acting out publicly, while others’ are in their heads.

My greatest fear is getting married, this is not a joke. I have nightmares of my wedding day. There’s nothing wrong with marriage, I support people getting married, I attend weddings, but Mali and ‘Husband’ do not go together. I’ll probably adopt two girls when i’m ready or do an IVF. 

There you have it. Most of it, if I were to write all about me it won’t fit into a blog post. Thanks for taking time to learn about me, I hope i’m someone of interest to you. 


Okay! That’s the second character from the Novel i’m putting together. It was originally an Inspirational Romance Novel, but it doesn’t know that for sure yet. It’s evolving everyday, but for now lets just call it simply- Fiction Novel. 

My questions on Malaika are:

    *Did she read real? 

    *Can you relate to any part of her life or do you know someone like her?

    Thanks many! 

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