My Nigeria

Lemme just state here and now that I’ve never been outside Nigeria hence i’m writing this post with a bias towards my homeland and beef for diasporans. Not because I’d love to travel but can’t (even if this is true) but because they (diasporans) are circulating bad report about Nigeria.

I always scout for Nigerian stories to read but they’re all the same; written by diasporans, downgrading and humilating our Nation. They speak of a country they’ve run away from as though they belong anywhere. Yeah, Im beefing

Come to think of it though, don’t we- the Nigerian bred, Nigerian citizens, Nigerian bloods- have our own perspective? We are the legit Nigerians, we should be the ones telling the Nigerian Story, but it’s not so.  We barely have access to ‘literature’; I mean will what we write ever leave the brown leaves of our 40 leaves BIG notebooks. Do we ever reach getting published? Will we get ‘good enough’ education to be called Authors and share our true Nigerian stories.  Or we would need to travel first, then in the struggle to belong create the debilitating ideas of our Country. A country we would have shed in a bid to blend into Europe.

I look out for prose about Nigeria and Nigerians, but they’re usually filled with stories about civil war, decaying government or poverty. Where are tales of smiles, and beautiful Cities like Port-harcourt? Who will write about our glorious stinky markets with the joyful feel its habitants have because of the new pot of soup their visit will produce? When will a ‘Nigerian’ Novel or Short story depict that we’re happy people even if we don’t have tarred roads and Tap water everywhere, and that those Police men who’s images have been tarnished are our Fathers, Uncle’s and Grandpas trying to make ends meet. Nigeria is ever depicted as dead and decaying rather than the fighter it is! 

I’m not happy o. Nigeria isn’t that offensive. You diaporans just stop, if you’re overtaken with comparing the west and our Land, just stop. If you can’t remember how happy you once were as a child who enjoyed Nigeria’s benefits because you now struggle to fit into another man’s land, then just hush. pim your mouth, or your keypads as it were.

I for one, no matter where i’m found, will have beautiful tales about Nigeria. It shaped me well, it’s not the best country but only in comparison, otherwise I’m satisfied. Just wait until I visit every city in Nigeria. Wait till I suck the honey of the land, by that I mean attend Schools taught by our  great scholars and brains. Wait till I come to you there, spit on the soil and come back jubiliating. Then, I will write about my Nigeria.



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