Jesus and Gypsy Soul

I used to think gypsies were witches; fetish women that wore too many clothes, excess makeup and heavy jewelry. A part of that is true according to some history but in modern day, gypsies are no longer only those fetish Romani women. You find them in the streets of New York, the shores of Hawaii and even towns in Nigeria.

Have you ever had that friend you always thought was strange? The way she dressed, the things she said; her dreams and plans for the future. Maybe she wasn’t possessed, she might’ve just had a gypsy soul; restless, wanderer’s soul. African tradition makes it wrong for a girl to be bold or outspoken; our parents trained us to be conservative, but something in a gypsy won’t let her conform. They try to bend us, they don’t know we’re Bamboo.

Religion makes it difficult for us to recognise our inner gypsy. The mention of that name in church gatherings will definitely be frowned at; pictures of gypsy women would receive wrinkled nose stares, but maybe, just maybe Jesus would’ve been friends with gypsy women. Mary Magdalene might’ve been free-spirited to have bathed the feet of her Lord with such expensive perfume. Hey! Was David a gypsy man or what! Remember how he danced till he was naked but he didn’t even care. 

I always laugh and say, kai! God has children o, when I meet some people. We’re all unique in our different ways, some of us are unique in our ‘crazy’ way, you know. God loves us  the same. I think He wouldn’t mind if we danced a lot, wore hideous clothes or refused to make marriage our life-goal. He wants us happy; to revel in who He made us. Beautiful, quirky and cray as we are.


    What’s your take on Christians embracing their gypsy side?


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