Say ‘No’

I’ve been saying ‘No’; “Go to the market”, “No o!”, “Go to the next Town”, “No o!”, “Wake up, its 10:00am”, “No, ma.” But when it came to real Life,  I’ve never said ‘No’. “You can’t study Medicine, here’s what we want you to study.” I didn’t say ‘No’. “Oh, you can’t do that you’re an average African girl.” “Oh, that’s above you, you’re just a middle-class Nigerian.” “Oh, don’t sit here, you’re only you, go sit there with your fellow low-lives.” I never said ‘No’! “Well, i’m a guy and I fit into your fantasies the most, you’ll never get Prince Charming, i’m your best shot, what do you say?” My answer wasn’t ‘No’. “Hello, beautiful. I’m the man from your dreams, I’m not born again, I’m a pervert but take a look i’m Knight in Shining armor.” I didn’t scream “No!!!!!”.

The World has to hear you chose, you need to hear you chose. The Bible says,
“I have placed before you life and death…” Then God goes ahead to specify that you need to actually chose by nudging you to, “…chose life.” Choosing Life is not only saying ‘Yes’, you have to tell the negative pictures and people to stand down. You’d need to send back the delivery man a couple of times in Life, No, I don’t want that. You’d need to actually do the dirty job people love to avoid; go the extra mile and insist with your ‘No’.

It brings freedom and clarity, like you never imagined. It takes away clutter from our lives, imagine all the baggage we’d have if we never rejected what we don’t want.



say No. jpg


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