Strong through weakness

I need to be shielded, sheltered, covered. I feel exposed, i’m out here waiting for someone to clothe me. Weak. Broken.

Jesus? I’m not sure he’d come again to clothe me or lift me, it seems he already did. He expects me to get up and go to shelter. I’m sure he’s given me the strength but I can’t feel it.

Will anyone come to me to be here with/for me? 

Jesus is? Okay. 

Will he suffice? 

No one else’s coming?

I’ll be fine, is that what you’re saying? Okay. 

I’ll be fine. 

I’m going to cry, I’m sorry.

I’m going to be strong through weakness. Did you get that?

I won’t stop being weak because I can’t. I’ll be weak but then i’ll also be strong and my strength will take me through.



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