My First Encounter with Cupid

For the very first time in my life, I experienced what they talk about in the myth. My heart had knitted with someone else’s, two had become one. It was fascinating because I didn’t plan to, it was during a time I wasn’t even expecting companionship that I met my first Love. Love here not being the person, but the experience.

I was turned into a new one, my thoughts and actions were enhanced, like when superman, or spider man first realised they were mutants. My brain cells were energized, firing magical impulses all that time. All the things I wanted to do for my love were out of the ordinary.

I had fallen in love and I was too engrossed to take note. If I realised it then I might’ve secretly giggled and doubted that i’ve been hit, by the legendary armor of Cupid. But then I would’ve opened my eyes and seen as it all came to an end.



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