O Death,

Lord, I want to understand death.

I want to know everything about life.

I know you’ve given me knowledge and understanding, and you’re speaking to me right now.

Help me move past my pain,

give me strength to suppress my pain and listen to your voice in these moments of difficulty.

I am your child, you are good.

You love us.

Lord, help us understand.

Help us hold back our pain and seek your face.

Let us know the truth.

I don’t want to embrace my pain rather your voice,

I will drop my pain, just help me hear what you’re saying;

the meaning of this.

Lord, please

I never beg you, but father, please

Strengthen  us.

Lord, we need help, where is your help?

Help us to the fountain of strength.

Jesus, be  our consolation.

Embrace us close to you,

fill us with your words.

Make us understand, O Lord.

Dedicated  to my uncle Eric Arubayi whose demise has left us all a gaping whole in our hearts. Uncle Eric Arubayi,

You would have sang at my wedding.  We would’ve sat down and talked. I never had the chance to tell you want impact you made in my life. You never got to hear my thanks.

I still would’ve visited you and laughed with you, you still would’ve made me proud. If God had told us he would take you we never would’ve let him. One of us would’ve offered our life in exchange.

I can’t imagine a world without you, Eric Arubayi. I will always love you, uncle.

Sing with the angels until we see again.


2 thoughts on “O Death,

  1. It is hard to come to terms with the departure of a loved one but we take solace in the fact that God loves him more. It is our responsibility to accept and cooperate with God’s timing, although difficult and painful, He alone knows best. Ps 34:19 says The good man does not escape all troubles-he has them too. But the Lord helps him in each and every one.
    May the good Lord help you, comfort and strengthen you and family. It is well with you dear.

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