Something about Life

I’ve discovered something about life; we’re all in it together, haha! Yeah, that’s my novel discovery. The world really isn’t Animal Farm where some are more equal than others. Yes, there are classes and there are people that think they’re better than others, there are more favored continents- geographically and socioeconomically speaking. But eventually, we’re all the same; humans living on Earth trying to get by.​

Now i’m not saying we all think alike and behave the same, what i’m saying (or writing) is, if Albert Einstein could, then you can! If someone (subject to like passions like yourself) could, then you can! You should never think little of yourself or think more highly of some certain people. Other people’s lives should never make yours seem lesser.

I used to be scared unnecessarily about life because I always thought I had the shorter end of the stick. Now i’ve realised that what makes those people appear higher isn’t really a factor, it’s not ‘The advantage’; e.g Money, Family background, Race, Education, none of that is the advantage in life. The advantage (if at all) is who we are INSIDE. That’s what makes us stand out. 

When I think of all the things I don’t have I no longer get anxiety, panic or fear of the unknown. These days instead, i’m calm; undisturbed, because I know what I have is not physical and it’s what counts. Hehe!


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