to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances .

Merriam Webster

This word has become very important to me, funny enough I only looked it up today and I think i’m going to make it my middle name.

Sometimes life just sorta happens, in your face! What does one do then? Thrive. Or be crushed. Either way it’s a choice. You’ll get a headache when you think of  all the things life brings your way constantly. How can one individual be expected to deal with that much! Mehn, it’s crazy. Really.

Survival is good, but thriving is better. To survive life will merely be to make it through, day by day, but to thrive is to rise above life itself, haha! I chose that. Yeah, so shit happens, every now and then, but as one who’s on a mission to thrive pick yourself up, do sun salute and move ahead.

A synonym for thrive is flourish, thats so amazing because flourishing involves growth, development, progress. So if we chose to thrive in life ( pardon my analyzing the word so much, my mother tongue is not English) we’d be chosing to actually work! as opposed to just getting by as in ‘exist’ and ‘survive’. You see, there are three options you have in life,

  1. Exist,
  2. Survive, or
  3. Thrive

If you chose to exist, that’s okay atleast you’re not going with suicide. You can decide to just go through the motions in life , or not. If you pick ‘survive’, let it not just be cos you like being known as a survivor, its cool, heroic, but know what it means. Which is,

  1. to remain alive or in existence : live on
  2. to continue to function or prosper

Even though ‘prosper’ appears in the meaning its not a synonym, to survive is no way to prosper, it means to remain alive, to continue breathing only. 

The beautiful thing is we’re going to be found eventually (assuming life is an Island we’re castaways on; which is a great illustration, you agree?). And when the Lord comes would we have merely survived, existed? Or would we be said to have thriven?

I beg of you beloved today, reposition your goals in life, your mentality, your mantra, your muse, everything, such that your aim in this journey is to flourish.

It’s difficult as hell, yeah I know, like the word sounds stressful to pronounce.It’s hard job. Its blood and sweat, its failing but getting back on track every single time. It’s strength and grace. 

I so want this word to appear on my accolade, eulogy…tsk! What’s the word, you know that long list they read about someone just before they honor them,

She was wounded; knocked down, off, over,….. But she thrived.

Come on board, Love.


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