How to hear from God

When I first got born again at Age nine, I would ask my mum how I could hear God’s voice. I imagined when people said they “heard from God..” they heard him audibly; with their ears. So, I asked her how I could hear him too, but her response was my first shock in Christianity. She said, you hear him in your heart. Whoa! I can hear with my heart? My heart has ears? Lol. The thoughts I had that day.
We hear God’s voice within us, not out here. That explains why sometimes we don’t hear him; we’ve left his place. He’s everywhere but his voice isn’t. He reserves his words for us, he prefers a special place to communicate with us , and that place is our heart. Most times when we don’t hear from him, it’s because we’ve left our ‘hang-out’ with God, wise thing is to go back there and listen.

Which brings us to the heart of this post; Listening. We can desire to hear from God all we want, we can pray and fast all we want, if we never listen we’ll not receive his  special words to us. It can be really frustrating as a believer, being in trouble but your God won’t say anything. He’s silent (so it seems). It used to make me mad at him and it would put distance between us; strain our relationship, because I didn’t want to bare out my heart to someone who would never reply. There are times we need His words not just His presence.

But God’s never silent, he’s always speaking to us, guiding us, strengthening us with his voice. in those moments when we’re most confused, he has the right words we need, when we go about seeking advice, he’s saying the exact things we need to hear. But we’re often too distracted by our problems to be still and listen.

I used to try to listen ( cos it’s not as though we don’t know we have to listen);  I would be calm, silent and shut my eyes expecting to hear the still small voice. Or I would flip through my Bible desperately searching for the letters that would pop out of the pages. It never worked because ,

  • Listening is a process: We can never rush the things of God. 

It’s when we’ve mastered the art of bringing our physical senses under subjection that we can expect to hear God on the go; while you’re driving, jogging, whatever you’re doing, and whenever you desire. Otherwise there are steps to take to unstop our spiritual ears.

How do we listen to God?

The basic how-to for hearing from God is to start by praying; telling Him how much you need his voice and what you need it concerning. Also, putting yourself in the spiritual mode. Next you should study bible verses because those are the written words of God always available to us. Then lastly and very importantly, meditate. This is,

 1. pondering on scriptures, messages, revelations that you have received from God. Processing them in your mind; by muttering these words over and over again, carefully dissecting the verses for meaning. Instead of fast reading through bible verses, slow down, take the words one after the other, ponder, look up different versions, check for dictionary meaning. Break down scriptures for better understanding. Meditating is one sure way to get rhema (spoken word of God). 

2. Being silent in your mind so that you can pick and make sense of all the thoughts flying around in there. You’ll have voices of people, voices of demons, and the voice of God in your mind, but haven prepared yourself spiritually in the previous steps you’ll be able to descern the voice of God.

One unorthodox way I hear from God is by having a ‘diary section’ with him. It starts with me pouring out my heart in words or writings and from there I start hearing him. Usually the response is by me answering my own questions, solving the puzzles myself. On my journal, I may start out sharing my confusion, my feeling and then end up encouraging myself with specific words and solutions. Or in prayer time, i’m just ranting on how confused I am but at some point I start talking sense and giving myself advice. That’s the spirit of God talking through me to me, lol. It’s amazing. From my confusion I bring solutions, but I know its not me its God speaking to me.

Yeah so, fellowship with the spirit of God often you’ll discover your own method of hearing from him, and when you do, listen more.


How do you hear from to God? 


    6 thoughts on “How to hear from God

    1. Oh yes, I also taught you can only hear God when He comes with a deep voice and says “My son” or “My daughter”. I also found out you cannot rush the things of God. That moment when you need a quick advice and you ask Him and he seems to be silent but because you are not REALLY listening, you are not hearing anything. You are actually distracted but yet, you still want to hear God.
      Listening is really, really, really a process.
      I learnt a lot on hearing from God.
      You could just be in church or class or just anywhere else and he speaks to you and gives an heavenly download.
      Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen!!!.
      This hearing from God thing has been on my mind for so long but I’m glad we are learning and as for that giving-your-life-to-Christ, I sure did it a million times before I finally surrendered very seriously.
      Thank God and Glory to God!!

    2. Beautiful words, hearing God speak to us, and understanding the process! Lots to think about. Thank you for sharing

    3. This is my favourite post! Another way to aid in hearing from God is praying in tongues extensively and exclusively, don’t stop until you have a rest in your Spirit. Viola! He will speak and even give you a corresponding scripture! This is a beautiful work here Oti! To add to, there is a specificity and dynamism in hearing from God, the way He deals with individuals are different but will never contradict His written Word.

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