Don’t tell me….

Don’t tell me, what I can or can not do

You have no idea, what i’m capable of

You cannot imagine, what I can make happen



You have pushed me to the wall, You have shoved your answers in my face

You have said NO a thousand times

And I haven’t fought you

I haven’t held you by your clothes

I haven’t said a word…

But don’t you.

Don’t you dare

Don’t you ever

Don’t you try

Don’t you tell me,

You don’t know.

If you knew you would keep quiet, 

If you saw you would shut your eyes

If you heard you would go deaf..

The things I can do

The things i’ve done

The things i’m about to do.

So, don’t you tell me.

Who I am

Who you think I am

Who you expect I am

For you cannot know

What I can or cannot do.


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