Occasionally i’m expected to feel some shame. Then I would search for shame like its a virtue, but I always end up with none.

Has someone ever told you’re shameless and they thought they were insulting you?🙋

I don’t know how to feel shame since i’ve died to myself. A great saying is, you cannot hurt someone that has nothing to lose (paraphrased). What should I be ashamed of when it is no longer I that live. 

I never try to protect myself; my image, because I know nothing can tarnish Christ’s image. I know i’m immersed in Christ, I have put on Christ like a cloak and I can no longer be seen. So i’m always relaxed, I enjoy life, shamelessly.

He has taken away all my shame BTW, each and every. Hence, there can be nothing shaming me, not people, circumstances or anything else.


Do you think it’s a positive mindset to have no shame?

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