Let’s be everything we can be.

I believe God has set eternity in our hearts; given us infinite abilities and gifts to fulfil a plethora of dreams not just one. If I ever imagine I can be any good at something I take it up. I develope on each and every potential I discover in me. 
I’m a Writer, Blogger, Fashion Designer, Anatomist, Worship Leader,Photographer, Cake Designer, and Medical Scientist. Even though i’m not a proffesional at any of those. I don’t agree God created us for a single function; like ears are for hearing, eyes are for seeing so Miss B is a supermodel, or Mr. C is a fireman. He put infinite abilities in us and we have limited time to actualize them. 
If I can be a Pediatric Surgeon and be great at it, if it’s a possibility, I will stretch myself to become it. If also, I can be an excellent Writer that changes the World one sentence at a time, I will do anything to be it. Meanwhile, if I can bake Cakes that puts smiles on faces, if I can brigthen up celebrations with my mounds of sweetness and color, I will break my back to achieve that.

What if at the end in my struggle to achieve so much I end up being nothing? That’s not even possible. Discovering potentials is a rule for success and fulfilment. 

Every minute I spend doing something new i’ve discovered is euphoric. I can’t live life knowing that there’s a great potential in me that hasn’t been harnessed. 

Being everything I can be, trying, keeps me going; keeps me loving, keeps me smiling.

Striving to be everybody great; Albert Einstein, Ben Carson, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichei, Tyler Perry, Michelle Obama, Steve Jobs, instead of somebody great is not foolishness or naivety. It’s Faith.

Early last year I couldn’t have imagined I would design and make dresses by the end of the year. Before I went to the University I had no idea how skilled I could be with a Scalpel. There’s so much we can do, but if we never try we’ll never know. It would kill me to get to heaven and have God show me all I could’ve been: I became a Surgeon, but I also could’ve won The Orange Price for fiction, I also could’ve invented a dress style for women, I would’ve had the most popular cake shop in my city because my cakes were like none other, I would’ve reinvented photography, I would’ve written words that saved lives and secured destinies. Just because I wasn’t bold enough to unleash everything in me.

 I don’t know if there are people with just one talent but i’ve got so many. They’re throbbing in me every time, trying to unleash. I see great men and women and there my talents go, nudging me, that can be you, you can do that.  

It’s your life; be everything you can be.  


What do you think, would you rather focus on one potential and become the best at it? Do share in the comments.

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