Developing Characters for my Novel: Susan Agbaje

I’m working on a Christian Romance Novel with the working title, ‘Love, Friendship and Family’. My goal this year is to finally finish the first draft. In the first series of posts, i’ll be developing my characters: presenting them one by one for critiques and comments. They’ll be doing the introducing themselves and I’ll ask some questions afterwards. Let’s meet Mrs. Susan Agbaje (M.D.), the first of my four Main Characters. 


Hello, I’m Susan Agbaje.I’m either called Sue or Dr. Agbaje however. I’m from the Benin Ethnic Region in the Southwest of Nigeria. A Resident Surgeon in Pediatrics, Twenty- Six years old and married to the meekest human being in the entire World, Micheal Agbaje. We’ve been married for two years but it seems like two days.

Location, Work and Lifestyle.

My address is  25, Moshood Crescent, Kudirat Abiola way, Oregun; Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. I work at a private Hospital, The Hillary’s Hospital, in Ikeja. My husband manages a Bank in MaryLand. Basically, we’re both workaholics, but whatever time we have left we spend together, and then we create time for spiritual activities cos we’re Believers in Jesus Christ, and we also have close friends we spend time with.


Personally, my values are in Faith, purpose and relationships.I believe Life is not just about ones’s self; I try not to give too much attention to things that only profit me. My goals and efforts in life are channelled towards others, making an impact in the lives of many, one life at a time. One patient at a time in my case.  Jesus gave himself literally for the World, giving my time and resources to give lives meaning is the least I can do.

Appearance and Fashion

In terms of appearance I have a dark, chocolatey complexion, with small brown eyes that have amazing vision, Lol. My colleagues tease me that I have microscopic vision cos I can pick up the tiniest visible detail. The shape of my face is oval cos it’s more long than its wide, with prominent cheek bones that come in handy whenever I apply make-up. I have dark brown relaxed hair, Lol. My friends have had several interventions to get me to revert to natural hair, but I’m sorry I can’t.I can’t deal with kinkyhair.

I can’t say I’m a fashionable individual because I barely have time to keep up with Fashion trends. My style if I have one is simplicity. I wear mostly one piece dresses; gowns, because they’re easy to get into. I like brown, so most of my clothes are different shades of brown.


I come from a family of six, I have three siblings. I’m the last born and only daughter. My parents live in Benin, they have three daugter-in-laws and about five grand children now, so they don’t miss me so much, but occasionally I get a long emotional call from my Mum, and with my Dad it’s mostly text messages and Emails with lots of Photographs of my nieces and nephews. I have a really sweet family. My brothers are all matured men, they live at extreme ends from Lagos where I am, so we don’t see often, although I have a sister in-law that regards me as her bestfriend, Lol. She’s so sweet. 

My in-laws are my new family and I can’t get enough of them. They live here in the west, my Sister in-law lives here in Ikeja. Parents in-law are at Idanre. Micheal takes me to see them every holiday; Easter and End of year. They know how to throw parties, Lol, so we often have family celebrations to attend and every one is always there. They’re a big warm family full of love and acceptance. I love the people a great deal.


I’m a Medical Doctor. I graduated from Medical School Three years ago. I’m in a residency programme currently for Pediatrics and Surgery, I have about 18 Months left and i’m going for a Fellowship in England for a few years afterwards. Micheal would have to come with me, we’ve talked about it and it’s a plan. 


Uhhh, Kids are going to come a little bit later, Lol. We’re not old yet, thank God. So, it’s career for now and then kids later.I don’t want to be a Mom with regrets; a Mom that thinks her children crushed her dreams in life. It’s difficult for my family and friends and even my Husband to understand, but I don’t know how to not fulfil all my dreams.


It would be that i’m too career-driven, which limits my ability to have a rounded life. I barely have time to be a Woman in her Mid-Twenties.


That in my bid to save the World I won’t be able to save myself; my marriage especially. I’m not sure I have what it takes to be the wife Micheal deserves and I fear he may spend the rest of his life experiencing less that he deserves in marriage.

That’s me in a nutshell, Lol. Thanks for patiently learning about me, I hope i’ve been able to invite you into my world.


 Would you read a novel with Sue as the protagonist? Does she come across to you as a  real person? Do you spot conflict areas? 



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