Faith in pain Management

Nothing tests your faith like when you’re in excruciating pain and you have to hold on to your believe in the Word of God.

All you can think of in those moments of searing discomfort in your body is to make it stop. Your flesh seems to be distracting your Spirit to the extent that you may lose sight of the Word of God. 

 Isaiah 53:4 NIV,

Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering,….

We know this, we believe it, but can it make the pain stop?

Most times in our Faith walk, we want quick results which is why we struggle. Faith is patience and confidence. Whether the pain stops immediately or we have to manage it, Faith doesn’t fail.

When we call on Jesus and He doesn’t show up with signs and wonders, it doesn’t mean He’s not with us. Knowing He’s with us in the trouble, that is strong Faith. 

If you’ve ever been in real pain you’ll agree that in those moments what we want is not to get to the other side, we want out! We want the pain to end. Now, if Faith won’t do that for us, if we’ve learned that Jesus isn’t superman that swoops down to save the day, why then should we hold on to Faith? What’s the difference between Faith and Ibruprofen? If they both help us manage pain.

I’m going to speak for myself here, and hope you draw strength to find your answers. 

Faith is to my life what Ibruprofen is to pain. Pain will end, but my Love for Jesus and His love for me has no end. So by faith I will get through every difficulty in life. Faith will teach me to get through every hurdle in life. It’s only Faith that can do that. 

Whether I need to take medication to get through physical pain, I will do it with Faith. If I have to fail to move on, I will do it with Faith, because, if I don’t have Faith I really don’t have anything.

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