The Homeless Spirit

Ever wondered what would have become of you if your parents never met?

It took the specific sex cells from my mother and father to create me biologically. No two random sex cells would have united to produce me, so definitely if our parents didn’t know each other we wouldnt exist.

When we think of it from a biological sense, that is true. But given we’re not our physical bodies, that statement is debatable. If we’re really spirits that live in our bodies, what would’ve been the fate of our spirits if our parents never procreated together?

Here’s my thought:

As (human) Spirits we were destined by God to live on earth. We needed homes, so we inhabited our current bodies.

 For every biological conception there’s a spiritual designation.

If I didn’t take home in this female, African body because it wasn’t formed, then I (the spirit that I am) would’ve found another body that was available. 

 Another question now is, do Spirits and their homes need compatibility, or the Spirit can inhabit any house? Could I have been a Mongoloid Male? 

Is the home as important as the Guest? Are our biological bodies specially created for our spirits? 

I’m sure conception is not accidental, we were deliberately formed. It’s safe to say, God had our Spirits in mind when He made our parents meet, fall in love and conceive us. He specially designed the best homes for our Spirits.

Nothing in the universe is accidental, nothing that is wouldn’t have been, because God knew you before you were formed. He always has us in mind. 


Photo credit: Bahai


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