Bests of 2016

It’​s few hours to 2017. Today I was reminiscing on what God told me about years; He said, in the spiritual there’s no time, everything exists in a continuum. Calender is a terrestrial tool for humans to keep track.

I was already feeling surly because I felt it was ‘time up!’ for 2016 and I didn’t do much, so when God said you still have time, it’s not game over, it was divine!

Yet, 2016 wasn’t too shabby. I will miss it. It was….. Well let me show you.

My favorite movie of the year: ‘Me before you’

Best look of 2016 (p/s: I made the dress)

Best gift: a manual sewing machine.

I could see the full moon from where I lay on my bed; what a blessing!

Two lovers

Best place I was: Loveworld Convocation Arena.

I hope to showcase more of my photographs in the coming year. If you loved the photos, please let me know in the comments. Also,

How was your 2016? 

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