Why you can not give up or give in.

I’m sure everyone has something in their life they would like changed, it might even be the entire life. 

The kind of parent’s they were born by, their nationality, race, sex! Hey, name it. There has to be something you would rather have replaced, or maybe everything.

Does your whole life seem to be not what you prefer. Does it feel like you’re stuck in the wrong story.

I have good news today! 

God can change anything, He specializes in the impossiblilities, He can give you non-biological parents, He can cause you to emigrate, get Foreign nationality/citenzenship, He can help you become transgender, He can change your story over night. But.

Where’s the victory in that? You would’ve chickened out of YOUR life, opted for the easy way out, does that make you a winner?

I don’t want the easy way out. I want to fight, so that I can be a winner. Is the struggle real, is it hard, do I want it all to end? Yes!

 I want to be able to get everything I want because I have the cash, I want to have the best education, I want to Identify with the most successful race, I want to belong to an economy that can never crash, I want blue blood in my veins. I don’t have any of that, some of them I will never have, is that enough reason to quit, accept that my life sucks and embrace depression? Yes! It’s more than enough reason.

But I chose to hold on. To God’s voice, to who I know He is, to His son Jesus. I chose to go through. Do I doubt it’s any greener on the other side, yes! But I chose Faith in the midst of doubt.

I may not have farsight to be certain   it will get better, I may not know how it will get better. What I know is I will go as far as I need to go. I won’t quit.


Because I know I can. I know I can make it till the end. 

You too. You can.

 You can make it through whatever you’re facing, how do I know this? Its because God’s Love is for us all. His love is our ability to go through life and win.

His love gives the strength we need to get through.


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