Being you

We have an inward man and we have an outward man. We operate a dual nature sort of. What I mean is there’s the you inside and there’s the you out here. The question is who really are you? 

Could we be a blend of both Natures? In the new Testament of the Bible we get to know we have an old man that died with Christ and a new man than reigns now, so I know that the real me is one of the inward or the outward man, not both.

While our inward man is connected to our outward man, one nature is in charge. The one who’s given more attention. This means we can manifest our outward nature whereas that really isn’t who we are.


I’ve had to be punished so many times by people, by circumstances, just for being real. In our world today there’s an acceptable way of everything and this way is a lie. If we put our real selves out there we will hardly survive, because society wants lies. People want lies. They don’t want the real you. They want the acceptable you.

Yet the quote “be yourself” was created by them. How can we be ourselves if we can’t stand up for what we believe? Who are we being if we can’t follow our hearts and do what we as individuals believe in?

So many conversations have to conform to ‘the acceptable way of speaking’ otherwise we’ll turn people away from us. Aren’t there people left who will stay to listen to truth? As a young adult when I start to share my values and believes with peers, why can’t they stand it? Why must I sound like society to be accepted?

For anyone left who still believes in staying true, being real, this is for you,

If you speak your mind and the world turns away, you write from your heart and they reject it, don’t change. Keep speaking, keep sharing your genuity because that’s why we’re here afterall, to shine so brightly even if the world cannot comprehend.


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