You overcame, didn’t you?

So! Another year is wrapping up. How has your 2016 been? Was it everything you hoped it would be, was it more? And of course was it not how you expected it would be?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we. December 31st 2015, how excited were you about the coming year. Twenty-sixteen sounded glorious didn’t it? You had a well written plan, with goals, milestones, didn’t you? You were geared for a fresh start, a do-over, you were ready to let all the flops of twenty-fifteen go, you had another shot, wasn’t it?

Fast forward to mid-year in 2016, what was going on? Oh, it was exciting, your goals were being achieved, yeah? Or were things not going as you had envisioned? You weren’t were you hoped and prepared to be mentally and geographically? It had to be another fresh start, didn’t it? You had to pick yourself up and strive to meet your goals. 

Now back to the present. It’s December, twenty-sixteen has come to an end, lets take a review of how you’re feeling. You feel pumped because you hit most of your goals, don’t you? I know! *wide grin* You didn’t even imagine you could accomplish this much! Or are you still wondering what just happened, if another year actually just rolled by? Do you want more time to actually have achieved something? Things went South pretty fast, didn’t they? Before you could salvage anything, in one event everything changed and all your expectations were shattered, weren’t they?

Hey, guess what? Mine too. I’m so not where I thought I would be by the end of Twenty-sixteen. I’m on an entirely different page, not on my dream path for this year, at all. It would seem that I failed this time, that this year just wasn’t my year because I didn’t meet my goals, didn’t achieve my set out goals. 

As true as that is, if I change my perspective from fixed on specific goals to  a broader view of my life, I would interestingly discover that I’m a winner. Even though this year’s score is 5%, my life’s score is 0ver 50. There was a year I was faced with the worse, but I made it through. This year, there was a time I felt I would lose my head ( both literally and metaphorically) but i’m still here.

Through it all…

Despite everything i’ve had to face as a lifer (sic), i’m still standing.

So, it doesn’t matter how this year went, how I didn’t meet my goals and get what I planned to get, how terrible things have become, how much I lost, who I lost. It doesn’t matter. I did it once, I overcame once, I made it once before  even when I thought I couldn’t, even when everyone thought I couldn’t.

I will do it again.

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