Movie Review: Interstellar

Science is man’s effort to interpret the spiritual.  
Interstellar is the most inspiring science fiction film I ever saw, only because it conveys an idea that is a spiritual reality. 

My keywords for the film are: Love, Space, Astronaut,Time, Bookshelf, Galaxy, Physics, Mattew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.

It’s a story of Father-daughter Love, Time travel and Space.

I first saw the movie in 2014 when it was released. My thoughts after viewing the film was, Time is controllable. I somehow believed time isn’t all-powerful, it’s overrated and is one of the ALL things we have dominion over.

In the film, Matthew is Cooper, He’s an astronaut, he has a daughter, Murph, she has a room in which the notorious Bookshelf resides. Bookshelf is among my keywords for the movie because the bookshelf brought my epiphany at the ending of the movie.

I don’t want to spill the beans, so I won’t go into details. If you haven’t seen Interstellar do so. It might just make you believe in the unbelievable.

I had thoughts about time being controllable before I saw Interstellar, but I couldn’t really understand what I perceived. It must have been from the Bible that I first thought, we can live above time and space. 

In the film Cooper finds loop holes (called ‘worm holes’) through time and literally crawled through these channels back in time. He found a ‘realm’ where everything that ever occurred in time was stored and anyone could access those events. He had gone on a mission to space without saying goodbye to his daughter and could not come back to her, but he found her room as one of the ‘holes’ and he tried to make contact with her in a time that was long before he had to leave her. At the beginning of the movie Murph noticed some weird movements in her book shelf, and in fact it was her father many years in the future trying to contact her.

Trust me I haven’t spilled too much. You’re still going to be amazed and clothed in goosebumps when you see the movie.

I’m not an abstract person, I take no pleasure in things that cannot be applied to real life, so if this movie was just a great science fiction based on mere theories of physics it wouldn’t stick to my mind, it might have wowed me but after two years it still will not pique my mental interests.

About three days ago, I was attending an annual conference organized by my church and while I sat in one of the meetings, God told me vividly, Live beyond time and space. I didn’t wonder what He meant because Rhema is never confusing, it made perfect sense to me. 

In life, time can be everything. It might be the last enemy yet to be defeated, either by been inadequate or by being surplus. In my case Time is surplus, it seems to be delaying me. If only I could skip ahead in time, I’ve been thinking. 

God said to live beyond time and it means to subdue time, to reduce it to nothing such that it’s inconsequential.

From Interstellar we discover that scientists believe there exists the opportunity in the universe to access time without limitations, they believe there exists a portal of portals in which there are doors leading to any time; past or future.

Science is frantic efforts to explain the spiritual. These scientific theories are simply trying to explain the spiritual truth that, 

we are in charge of everything, including time and space.


*Photos are from google.


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