All we have is Today

My Pastor’s husband (a Pastor too) passed on. In all my life I doubt a challenge in my faith walk has ever been this unbelievable. I didn’t see it coming; none of us saw it coming. He slumped in a church meeting, went into coma and few days later passed on.
I just keep wondering, what would be going through my Pastor (the bereaved)’s mind? She and her husband have served God tirelessly for so many years, why would this sort of thing happen to her? Why would  a Pastor slump in church after coming down from the pulpit and die?

I learnt something from this event. God didn’t promise us tomorrow. We’re only here today, right now, if we get tomorrow its grace not our right. This phrase, Life is too short, cannot be overemphasized. Life is too short to be unhappy, unfulfilled and unravelled.

I have too much in me to remain hidden. I don’t have tomorrow, I only have today.

Life is too short to be shy, self-conscious or cowardly. Life is too short to be without courage. Life is too short to live without conviction.

I no longer hesitate to do what I love, want or have to do. I always take the leap of faith and do them. Because, I’ve only got today. All I’ve got is today to be who I want to be, to be who the World will remember.

In a twinkle of an eye everything can disappear, would we be wanting more time to say those things, do those things, experience those moments? Or would we move on in glory.

I pray for God’s arms to strengthen all those who’ve lost a loved one. To give then hope. In Jesus’ Name.

May the soul of my Pastor’s husband rest in perfect peace.




8 thoughts on “All we have is Today

  1. Also related to this too. It was an aunty, last year. I was still grieving this year but later, God, gracefully pulled me out of that grief state. The vacuum created began to be filled by God.
    Glory to God!

    • Sorry about your Aunt, dear. Thank God for helping you pull through grieve.
      Isn’t God amazing, how he fixes us back, after we may have fallen apart. He mends the broken hearts, and gives strength to the weary.

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