10 things I learnt at 23

As the years roll by a lot of things become clearer. Some things fade away and are replaced by new ones. In previous years I always made a huge fuss about my birthday, but this year, things are different.

I still think Birthday is the most special day of every year, uh honestly, I don’t. Christmas Day is my favorite day. What really is Birthday though? It’s a special day, because that’s the day we were born. It’s a day unanimously chosen to celebrate an individual, although everyday can be special. any other day can be special.

Today is my 24th Birthday. Let me start by stating how grateful I am to God for bringing me this far, if it wasn’t for Him I would not be here today. If I could imagine where I would be, I would be dead, physically, spiritually and mentally. I heard someone say,

Death is not the cessation of Human life it is the absence of God’s influence in an individual’s life.

I’m immensely grateful to be alive to God today.

If  I could theme my Age 23 it would be ‘Maturity’ because I finally formed the character I’ve desired for so long. I’d love to share how my 23rd year alive was, especially what I learnt at that stage in my life. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy!

1. God is with me.

 Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9(NIV)

I used to be so conscious of fear of the unknown. What ifโ€™s; what if I get called out of the blue to speak to a crowd. What if I have to do something in the spot light. I would shrink back in fear all these years. Until I discovered that scripture. I knew the passage all along, but once God said it to me concerning a dilemma I was in, it became rhema and made all the difference.

If truly God is with us, what can go wrong? 

Picture yourself, however little or unseeming you may be, picture God next to you. What does it do to your confidence?

2. Anything is possible

During this past age of mine, I proved that I can get virtually anything done. I donโ€™t know if everyone can but for me in particular Iโ€™ve proven I can. A lot of the things I once could only dream of, I brought into reality at Age 23. For example, sewing. I’ve wanted to sew for a long time, I knew I had to learn but I also thought some people were born Sewists and possibly it wasn’t in my genes. It’s been so vague all these years, like a wish; an impossible dream. Well, it only took me 1 month to learn how to Sew and today I sew.

Throughout my Age 23 , many of the things I had once only dreamed of I just set my heart to do them and I accomplished every one of them. Blogging is another example. Beginning of this year I had exactly 1 follower, today I have over 60, this had been seemingly impossible in previous years.

It’s such a confidence boost to know ‘you can’, and I thank God at age 23, I’ve tested and proven that I can do all things through Christ that infuses in me miracle-working ability.

3. Faith

One of my favorite quotes from my last age is,

Your future is God’s History.

Faith-walk is trusting God blindly, knowing that his plans for us are perfect no matter what. Just this morning as I was waking up to ‘happy Birthday’ wishes, news came that a family friend and personal friend of mine as well, lost her brother whom we’ve been praying divine healing for. She had sown seeds, spoken positive words, even gotten a note of victory, the young man recovered and came home from the hospital only to eventually pass on. I can only imagine the wrath she feels towards God. In circumstances like this, faith will shake. I lay on my bed and wondered, why would this lady continue to trust God? The only answer is Faith; Keeping our eyes on God no matter what, being absolutely convinced He can never fail us, no matter what. Even if the sky is falling down.

At 23, I came to grasps on my faith. Finally. Now, even if everything else fails, everything else falls, my faith will remain. in the past i’ve struggled with faith, i’ve asked God, why? , but today, I’m never letting it go. It’s really all I have strength to hold on to.

4. Self-Love

I honestly do not Love myself . Through out age 23 I couldn’t love myself because, I had taken myself out of the equation, died to myself and stopped being self-centred. I stopped Loving me . My self- image/esteem is healthy, I respect who I am but to have Love for ‘me’- a me that doesn’t exist- is unrealistic.

Every day I die. I’m crucified with Christ.There truly is no me, this Life I live is not my own. So, tell me; how could I love me when ‘I’ do not exist. Instead of nurturing self-love; loving and adoring ‘me’, I decided to let go of myself long enough to hold on to Christ and the souls in the World for which He sacrificed Himself.

5. Beauty fallacy

Naturally I fall into the class of good-looking. I have natural features that are appealing to the eyes, but I still am ugly some times notwithstanding.  I used to always think I’m beautiful by default and I could never do something or not to do something that would make me look any less beautiful.  At age 23, I finally realised that knowing i’m  ‘naturally beautiful’ is not the license to neglect to take care of my appearance; wearing sloppy things and neglecting to maintain my physical features.  If I wasn’t ‘naturally beautiful’, and I was naturally ugly, I asked myself, would I want to be a natural woman? Would I want to leave my eye brows bushy and would I neglect to pair my clothes properly?  The answer is NO. So what’s different? I tell myself I’m being me, but why wouldn’t I be ‘me’ if I was ugly?

At  age 23, I stopped the self-deception and decided staying true to who I am meant taking care of my appearance, making effort to look good all the time, whether I think I’m a natural beauty goddess or not.

6.Success is not the best revenge

I made two  posts on this realisation. One day during a period of wondering why I was obstinate with my choice of career path, I discovered that it might be because I wanted to prove something to the World.

I quickly accepted that it’s unnecessary to spend my life proving a point- that I’m not a failure. my life is exclusively mine, mine to enjoy, not struggle to make a statement with. It was such a breakthrough because for so long I’ve worked so hard but I haven’t been able to enjoy the successes because i’ve been fixed on sleeping only when I’m dead; acknowledging my victories only when i’m through proving my point. How sad.

Now I work as hard, still chase my dreams but I enjoy my victories. I’ve learnt that every day’s success is worth celebrating.

7. Roses smell terrific!

I’ve laboured too long to make a specific kind of life for myself without enjoying the life Christ paid  with His blood to give me. At age 23 I quit the struggle and settled for rest. Life is sweet and enjoyable. Everyday calls for celebration. God doesn’t promise us tomorrow, He only gives us our daily bread. For all we know rapture of the church can be any minute, why spend the pre-rapture lifetime struggling to attain something that’s just for Earth  -if Jesus tarries long enough for us to even get it .

We have today for sure, the sun is shinning or its raining where you are, the sky is still up there and it’s still breath-taking. I chose to smile, breathe and smell the roses, then break into a dance. Everyday. For everything. In everything.

8. Friendships

I discovered the right way to be friends with people. You chose your friends, it’s not a thing of natural selection. It’s deliberate. When you find people you want to have that weird- open and crazy relationship called friendship with, you work hard to keep it. Working hard doesn’t always mean ‘exerting’, it also means being deliberate.

This past age of mine, I had circles of people who  I’m going to stick with for the rest of my life. I chose them, they didn’t need to choose me. So I don’t wait for them to call, I don’t expect anything from them honestly – that’s my future husband’s place, to do stuff for me, not my friends. My friends are my pals. Being stuck with me is more than enough to handle, Lol, so I don’t task them. I just throw myself at them everyday of my life- in all my glory A.K.A Cray. Lol. I’ve learnt how to unleash on these special people in my life, I don’t care if it bothers them after all that’s what it takes to bear the title, ‘friend’, init?

This 23 has taught me that I don’t have to be by myself, I can select some people to plague with my cray and they don’t get to complain. They’re my friends; my closest people and I love them to pieces.

9. Christ is Everything

I learnt that God is not a part of my life, you know how people say, love-life, Financial-life, spiritual-life, health goals, financial goals, spiritual goals….. No. God doesn’t fall under a category. He is my life. He is everything. There’s no part or side of me that doesn’t have God in it. I’m immersed in Him.

It’s not enough to declare it. 23 taught me to put God first. throughout age 23 my life was all about Jesus and I have no regrets. My truest values are in Him. In Him I live, move and have my being. So many times I’m talking and scriptures just start popping into my head, I love that! I love serving God with my life.

God is not a topic for me. He’s not a  controversial religious figure, He is my life. I cannot live without Him, there’s no me without Him. That’s not just the lyrics to a song it’s my testimony.This is how I’ve come to be, it’s more than just a thought.

A life without Christ is not Life, it’s an illusion. There’s too many dead men walking in our world, Christ’s dream is to bring them to Life. Taste and see….that the God-kind of life is worth living.

10. I love blogging

Yay! you made it to the end of this post, I’m so proud of you and so grateful you didn’t give up earlier. it has being a long post I admit, but I hope it blessed you.

I treasure each and every one of my followers on this blog and I doubt I’d ever dissolve this blog because my readers have motivated me to express myself and consequently heal through these years especially this past age 23. Thanks to you all for the likes, the views. the comments –oh my gosh! those comments melt my heart. Thanks all of you!  you’re all award winners on this blog and I love you guys!

I look forward to a better blogging experience with my followers and new readers this 24th year of my life.I hope to  see you guys at ’10 things I learnt at 24′ if Jesus tarries and I pray,

God’s Love will warm your lives and you all will continue to glow ever so brightly.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


P/S: My actual Birthday is October 19th, this post came a couple of days later.


12 thoughts on “10 things I learnt at 23

  1. I really liked your post, even though it was so looooooong. I wanted to give up in between but thank God I was able to finish.
    Good work you have here!!!
    I was really motivated by this (things you’ve learned).
    God bless!!!

    • Lol.
      Yes, it’ll be up soon. I’m sorry about the delay.
      I’m excited about the post, because I learnt a lot at age 24. Just keep your fingers crossed while I finish up with the draft.

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