Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. (I Corinthians 16:13 NIV)

Sometimes, I’m  not courageous. Okay most times. I know what needs to be done but I shrink back in….fear? Or is it timidity.

Today I was faced with one of those  scenarios where God is staring at you, waiting to see how you prove that you a mature son, but I buckled under the weight of weakness and for a split second accepted that Courage wasn’t in me.

So, God has giving us the best part of everything; strength, courage, faith, excellence… But some times I think that I don’t have some of these qualities. Its a shame for me to think so. 

I beat my chest all the time and declare, “I know who I am!”. Is the ninny I perceive myself to be who I am or is there another character I possess and am oblivious of?

In that millisecond when I actually believe that i’m not courageous, is that really who I am?


Not to make today’s post depressing by any means, I’ll like to share what my wiser self tells me about courage and other virtues God expects us to nurture.  

When a  seed is planted by one man in secret, can another man tell there’s something buried in the ground underneath his feet? No. Until it sprouts out, its going to looks like a normal ground. Likewise, I don’t feel courageous, look Courageous or even act Courageous doesn’t mean I don’t have courage. What I need to do is feed it. Exercise it.develope it.

So I thought i’m not courageous because I didn’t have the nerve to do something, blehhhh, it doesn’t make the courage that’s in my spirit dissapear. What I should do is tell myself, “hey, I know you feel weak right now and cowardly, but don’t worry so much there’s ability in your spirit. Just relax and draw the strength from within.”


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